Welcome to Margolis Holdings
Margolis Trading P/L was founded in February 1981 by Stephen Margolis. Its  primary business, being trading, has expanded to include real estate  ownership, bulk supplies and procurement services .We are directly and  indirectly serving both governmental and non-governmental organizations  and participate regularly in local and regional tenders. Our real estate portfolio gives us a solid capital base which in turn enables us to  facilitate and fulfill large business transactions.

About Margolis Holdings P/L
Margolis Holdings (Pvt) Ltd is a group of companies, which owns a wide range of  properties in Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe. The group has fully serviced stands on 300 acres in a well sought after area in close proximity to the Harare International Airport with deeds. The land is  for industrial, recreational and agricultural use. We invite buyers,  investors and financiers.

The group also has buildings in the  city which include our headquarters Margolis Plaza which covers the  whole block of land from Harare Street to Kaguvi Street on Speke Avenue.

About The Founder: Stephen Margolis
Stephen Margolis was born and educated in Murehwa communal lands and, like many of his age, came to Harare to seek his fortunes. He worked for only 10  years before founding his own company on 13 February 1981, Margolis  Trading, and subsequently developed it into a multi- million dollar  Holding Company with various interests.

About The Stephen Margolis Resort
Nestled away in a quiet corner of Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare, is one of the bustling city’s best kept secrets. The Stephen Margolis Resort sits hidden from view in a lush, gently sloping valley in Waterfalls, Harare.

Designed to look, and feel, as natural as possible, The Stephen Margolis Resort  blends seamlessly into the beautifully manicured gardens surrounded by  indigenous trees and stunning rock formations. Many visitors have  marveled at the serene and tranquil nature of The Stephen Margolis  Resort and the beauty of its seclusion. Yet still, many visitors  appreciate the close proximity of the City and the ease of access to The Resort for guests.


Steven Margolis and his Engineer
inside the project

Steven Margolis Road cutting through
our industrial stands to the resort